A revolutionary new product that will change the way
hot or cold food is stored and transported.


What is a Thermal Space Saver?

It's a collapsible and stackable temporary storage and transport system for maintaining temperature of food, hot or cold.


Why did you develop it?

Initially designed for school kitchen where the growth in the number of meals 

being provided equates to an increase in the number of rigid boxes being used potentially causing storage and health and safety issues. The system is ideal for any mobile catering solution.


How big is it?

Made up it is roughly the same size as the expanded polymer boxes in widespread use in the catering industry, 600 x 400 x 220. It is designed to take three full size gastronorms as opposed to two that the equivalent polybox will take.


Why is it called a space saver?

Three thermal space savers will collapse down into the space of one polymer box so storage for nine gastronorms instead of two.


Why does it have thermal qualities?

The lining is made up of a material developed by NASA for space suits and the reflective outer is only part of the story. Laminated between them is an aluminium coated polymer that has been crimped and shredded to create a reflective, voluminous thermal lining. Temperature changes of stored food, over a 3-5 hour period, are marginal. It is one of the most thermally efficient materials known and has been in widespread use for many years.


How long does it take to make-up or collapse down?

Around 20 seconds, if you do it properly and methodically, less if you don't!


How do you clean it?

Just give it a wipe clean as you would any box. Some customers add a further plastic liner if they are expecting spillages. It can also be washed in a sink of hot water and dried naturally but the very high temperatures of a dishwasher will destroy its thermal integrity.


How much does it cost?

1-20 = £38 per unit      20-50 = £36 per unit      50+ = £34 per unit

(One unit consists of one box and one liner) All of our prices are ex works and plus VAT.


How do I order?

Call +44 (0)1603 702374 or email info@enviro-pod.co.uk.


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Thermal Space Saver

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