Temperature Control

without the financial or environmental cost

Chill Pod is an environmentally friendly, cost saving material. It is used to transport and store chilled produce without the need for electricity.

It is estimated that in industrialised countries, up to 15% of the energy consumed is devoted to refrigeration. Much of this figure can be attributed to the commercial refrigeration industry including transport, storage and retail companies. Not only does this have a highly significant economic effect, it also has huge negative implications for the environment. Earlier this year, the Environmental Investigation Agency revealed that fridges and freezers in the supermarket sector were responsible for carbon emissions equivalent to 2.5 million flights from London to New York.

The unique insulating properties in the roll cage and pallet covers allow the movement of produce from one place to another without the need for electricity, whilst maintaining the produce at an acceptable temperature.

Independently tested against other thermal retaining materials, Chill Pod kept produce chilled for longer periods of time.

Currently used by some of Europe’s largest food retailers, it is proven to make considerable savings on the costs associated with logistics, whilst having a positive effect on the environment. Manufactured in the UK, Chill Pod can be bespoke to a customers requirements, and with no minimum order.

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Chill Pod Commercial

Chill Pod, commerical money saving solutions, logistic, food transport

Chill Pod, Chill bags, food bags, food transport, food logisitics, chilled container


Current uses:

  • A major supermarket uses roll cage covers for back room temporary storage of chilled produce in readiness for rolling out onto the shop floor for the evening shift to stock the fridges
  • A major wholesaler and distribution company uses it as a box liner to move frozen produce, including ice-cream, around the UK for a major restaurant chain. By including dry ice with the load they carry ice-cream from Oxford to Glasgow without using refrigerated transport
  • Heathrow are using it to line cages and move chilled produce around the tarmac – the inner lining means sealed flooring preventing loss of temperature through the bottom of the cages
  • A major European supermarket uses it to transport bread around Spain at a chilled temperature without the need to plug in the lorries
  • An Indian restaurant chain are using it to deliver ready meals to homes
  • A pesto company uses it at exhibitions to keep produce cool behind the scenes as does a major cheese company

Key benefits:

  • Lightweight but very hard wearing
  • Independently tested by the Cambridge Refrigeration Company
  • Water resistant
  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Can be tailored to a customer's requirement
  • High quality manufacturing in the UK
  • Tough Velcro fastening
  • Box or sleeve cover
  • Stitched in pocket for documents

Chill Pod, Flectalon, thermal material, refridgeration, logistics

Suggested uses:

  • Maintain cold storage temperatures by covering food during transport - significantly reduce refrigeration costs
  • Keep food cold in situ, ideal as a temporary cold storage solution
  • Store different produce at different temperatures in the same room

Chill Pod, Flectalon, thermal material, refridgeration, logistics

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Temperature Control

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