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Enviro-Pod is an exciting product range that reflects our own 'green' ethos. With Climate Change and the reduction of waste so high on the global agenda, the use of our products has the potential to make a real difference to the health of our environment, as well as save you money. Enviro-Pod develops and manufactures products in the UK to the highest standards. The products are often unique and can be purchased at surprisingly low costs.

With total control over manufacturing process, size of order is no problem and items can be bespoke to meet any requirement. Enviro-Pod supplies several multi-national businesses, as well as individuals across the UK and Europe. Our range of sustainable, commercial products are designed to save your business money and improve your bottom line. Contact us now for information on how our products can cut your carbon footprint and bolster your bottom line.

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Fresh Pod - Ethylene Control

Fresh Produce Protection

Reduce food waste during storage and transport, Fresh Pod is the completely natural and safe way. Completely natural and safe, Fresh Pod commercial products will utilise ethylene control technology to extend the life of fruit and vegetables by up to four times longer than normal without the use of harmful chemicals and without losing any of the freshness, taste and texture.

Temperature Control Technology

Temperature Control

Chill Pod is an environmentally friendly, cost saving roll cage or pallet cover. It is used to transport and store chilled produce without the need for electricity. The unique insulating properties in our material allow the movement of produce without the need for electricity, whilst maintaining the produce at an acceptable temperature. Independently tested against other thermal materials.


Keep your workforce warm with our lightweight high visibility jacket for workmen and women. NASA developed clothing technology which combines conventional trapped air thermal insulation with a multiple mirror finish surface which reflects infrared heat back onto the person contained within, the person would stay warmer using their own body heat for long periods of time.

For the Home

Alongside our environmentally sustainable commercial solutions, we have a range of household and leisure products designed to save households hundreds of pounds a year by cutting food and heating bills in the home and allowing us to spend more time doing the leisure activities we love, whilst leading less expensive and more environmentally responsible lives. Win-win.


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